International Musik Studio

Since 1983, International Musik has offered european quality of music education in the fine arts, pop, country, R & B, rock, opera, etc. Over these past 30 years, we have taught techniques from the European approach and understanding of the art. We provide:

  • Instruction for String, Piano, Guitar, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion
  • String Methods: Suzuki / Traditional
  • Instrumental schooling in Concert Performance
  • Specialized Vocal Training in Bel Canto (Opera genre)
  • Vocal Instruction (R & B, Gospel, Pop, Rock, etc.)
  • Instruction in Vocal Stage Performance - Opera Setting and Concert Setting
  • Home-Schooler String Classes
  • Music History and Theory
  • Music Therapy for Elderly
  • Brain Development through Music


We provide instruments from beginner level to professional by contemporary european makers to the legends of Stradivarious, Del Gesu, Amati, Guaneri, etc.

  • Instrument Sales: String, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion
  • Music Arrangements for Various Ensembles
  • Sheet Music and Instrumental Accessories